Tranquilene Review – Natural Anti-Anxiety Remedy

Review of the Tranquilene Natural Anxiety Remedy

Tranquilene is a natural, herbal anti-anxiety supplement with a 14-ingredient formula that has a blend of herbal extracts as well as vitamins and amino acids. I was excited when I learned about Tranquilene because it contained most of the ingredients that I was already taking for anxiety individually, like Tryptophan, Gaba, B-Complex, Ashwagandha and L-Theanine. The product is a brand name of Tranquility Labs LLC.

First off I will say that while the company claims you can get anxiety relief in under 20 minutes, it took me more like 30-35 minutes to feel calm after my first dose. But when it kicked in it was really pretty great. Not only did I feel calm but I felt… well… pleasant. Kind of warm and content.

I tried it over the course of a month at first, taking it every day. I would take two in the morning and see how it went. On the whole, my anxiety levels were down right off the bat. But I still felt a bit panicked one or two times when things went wrong. So when I felt panic, I took two extra. This worked out very well.

I stuck with Tranquilene and still take it today. At first I went through more than one bottle a month, but over time it seems like my body found balance with whatever was causing me the anxiety. I couldn’t be happier! I think maybe it worked so well because Tranquilene is just about the only natural anti-anxiety medication out there that specifically focuses on building Serotonin and GABA in the brain. These are neurotransmitters that control your mood.

I would rate this product a 9 out of 10, only because I needed a few extra pills when I was feeling REALLY paniced, which made me go through the month’s supply a bit quicker. But the product itself works very well. I like how I only had to order a subscription once and it comes until I email them to ask that they pause shipments. Overall, I would swear by my Tranquilene.

See for yourself. Check out Tranquilene here.

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  1. S.C.H says:

    I just purchased Tranquilene for my son who the doctors were treating for seziers with kolonipine. This medicine is very addictive and dangerous. After reading about the three types of panic attacks he has all the systhoms relaated to panic attacks. I started him Yesterday 06/24/2011 and will wqtch and see what happens. Is there anyone out there who was dionosed with seziers but was panic attacks?

    • Sophia says:

      Yikes! That’s awful about the kolonopine. You’ve really got to be careful with doctors who are too eager to prescribe medication these days. I always say, give the natural stuff a try first and if ALL ELSE fails, then see if doctors can help. But I am not the most trusting woman where doctors and pharma companies are concerned. They never tell you that so much of mental health relies simply on diet and nutrition.

    • Kitty says:

      Yes, I suffer from severe panic attacks,anxiety, and depersonalization, i was put on prozac, and that only increased my symtoms. And some side effects are scary, such as mental confusion or death. So im going to try Tranquilene to see if that helps.

      • pb says:

        just wondering if the tranquilene has been working for you. I suffer from panic attacks and anxiety and was wondering if this product really works.

  2. Ann Wesley says:

    I am wondering if any of you are still taking Tranquilene and how is it working for you? Do you know of anyone else who is taking it? I have a 20 yr old daughter who was diagnosed with dependent personality disorder, along with depression and anxiety. She has been taking Pristiq and counseling–individual/group for a little over a year, but I haven’t seen much of an improvement so I am looking for something different to help her.


    • karen chew says:

      I have had anxiety all my life caused both by heridity and environment. In the last 8 years, I had two surprise events in my life that caused great stress and grief, and thus PTSD, I was put on Prestiq by a psychiatrist who had very little time to get to know me or listen. At 50mg, all I remember now was constant anxiety rather than brief periods of feeling ok mixed with anxiety. When I reported that to the psychiatrist, he doubled the dost. There is no such thing as 75 mg apparently, so up I went to 100mg. I eventually got in such a terrible state, it dawned on me I was having a medication reaction. I went to my trusted physician’s assistant who diagnosed seritonin syndrome and helped me taper down very slowly over to Zoloft. It was a terrible time for mr. My Ph said that she had dealt with this same issue with Prestiq quite a few times, and she is not a fan of Prestiq. Recently, I felt I had milder but similar symptoms with the Zoloft and began to taper really slowly without medical supervision. OF COURSE, you are not supposed to do this. But, now, almost done with Zoloft, I feel better than I have in a long time. I think that it is possible that I just don’t need an anti-depressant now and to take one makes me anxious. So, me? I’m not a fan of Prestiq either. I hope it works for someone. But contstant anxiety while taking it may suggest there is a problem. It is a good question to ask your doctor. I do know that personality disorders are very difficult to treat. Longterm cognitive therapy might be her best chance at stopping thoughts and behaviors that upset her mental balance. That along with a healthy diet, good vitamins, exercise, being open to the idea that her beliefs and perpectives must change could help.

  3. Dean says:

    I have had anxiety and panic attacks for 20 years. I have been on multiple medications with bad side affects and very little relief. I’m looking for a natural way to help these issues. I just stumbled upon Tranquilene. I was wondering how this is working for everyone. From what I have read so far it seems to really help. I work in a very bad environment for Anxiety/Panic issues. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Rob Miller says:

    I’m wondering for how long how someone is supposed to take Tranqueline. I’m a little bit confused about the automatic monthly delivery. Is the product not supposed to treat the anxiety attacks long term?
    Is there anybody out there who took Tranqueline for some time and is now fully recovered from their anxiety symptons?

  5. Sean Feeney says:

    I am a physician, but far from the typical who receive absolutely no training in natural medicines but feel free to put them down. Tranquilene contains several ingredients which I could see how could benefit a person with anxiety , but I am responding to the post from S.C.H. who decided to substitute this product for the benzodiazepene clonazapam to treat her sons seizure disorder. This is not a post against this product in any way and while this product and Klonopin both have an effect on GABA, switching one for the other could be a very bad idea.

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